Are You Paying Too Much For Your Medicare Supplement?

Do you know that you can you change your Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plan any time throughout the year, as many times as they want? Most seniors don't!

The main reason someone would want to change carriers and/or plans is to save money. Most seniors save an average of $50 a month - or over $600 a year simply by changing carriers and keeping the same plan they have! Some even save that much or more and switch to a supplement with even more benefits.

How? You just have to get approved by the new carrier by answering some basic health questions.
Each carrier asks slightly different health questions - some accept certain pre-existing health conditions while others may not. It is important to work with a broker who's an expert on Medigap health underwriting. We know all the companies' health questions and underwriting guidelines and can help you quickly know if you qualify. 

Why work with Danielle and Saving Seniors? Danielle is completely independent and works with seniors across the country to help them with their Medicare insurance. She is contracted with all the top carriers but also with smaller companies who may not have huge marketing budgets but offer competetive pricing, A+ ratings, excellent customer service and stable outlooks. Danielle's goal is to provide the most unbiased, accurate, and helpful information so you can choose the right plan for you.

Medicare can be very confusing, but Danielle will make it easy for you to understand. She is here to help and this service is 100% free to you. Your premium will not be higher because you work with Danielle, either. The premium is the same whether you choose your plan through an agent or you work directly with the insurance company.

One of the benefits of working with Danielle is that she'll do all the legwork for you. You don't need to visit each insurance company's website individually and research and compare rates. That's exhausting! She'll do it for you in just a few minutes. And when you've made your choice, the application is done right over the phone and/or online in minutes.

Once your policy is in force, you have free lifetime support with your Medigap policy needs. Danielle will be in touch to make sure you received your ID card, and you’ll hear from her whenever your chosen insurance company has a rate change so that you'll always be in the loop and know how to get the best savings on your supplement.